Monthly Archive May 2017

How to better yourself as a consultant

The job of a consultant can be very rewarding but the job can also at times be very challenging. As a business consultant, you will be going into businesses and looking at the way the business is run and how you can improve it. This may be within the finance area, marketing area, management or a combination of many different departments.

Firstly as a consultant, it is important that you know about your client and their industry. You need to keep your ear to the ground and be proactive with any marketing that you recommend. Setting up alerts on Google will allow you to be notified when there is mention of the keywords or phrases you choose to track.

Knowing the history of the business and their financial information is vital. You need to be able to memorise some facts and figures such as turn over, profit and loss and where the biggest spend is. As a good consultant, you should look to increase a business’s profits by increasing sales and cutting down on spending.

Research into the businesses competitors is key so you can fully understand who you are up against and how they may be able to attract more business.