New Age Consultation for Accountants

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Commercial Interior Design for an Innovative Workplace

Commercial interior design needs to be practical as well as pretty. It must be a comfortable environment for both clients and employees; the for

Using accounting software for record keeping

For many smaller businesses keeping financial records can be time consuming especially if there are many transactions during a month but by usin

What can an accountant do for my small business?

If you have a small business you may wonder if it’s really worth paying for an accountant as they aren’t cheap. However, a good accountant s

Doing your own tax return

As the financial year has now ended, you are able to submit your tax returns online. Paper copies need to be submitted by October whereas if you

What qualifications do I need to be an accountant?

The main roles of an accountant are to record, process, analyse and prepare various financial and business-related reports. So, unlike a busines

Managing more than one business

If you are trying to manage more than one business or even if you are self employed and employed, you may find it hard to get the balance right.