Monthly Archive October 2016

Marketing opportunities for your business

If you have a business then you will probably already know how important marketing is, but are you missing out on marketing opportunities? Marketing your business correctly can be the difference between being successful and failing. There are many ways in which you can market a business such as online through a website or social media sites, creating leaflets and doing mail drops or cold calling. Only marketing using one avenue can be a risky strategy and may mean that you miss out on opportunities to get more business.

If you currently do no or little online marketing then this could be a route that you need to explore. Many people are using the internet to find services or products they need and therefore if you have no presence online, you will not be able to compete with those that do.

With any marketing it is vital to track what you are doing and the return you get but be sure to give marketing time as some is not instant and will take time.


Team Building Activities – Guarantee Increased Work Group Effectiveness

As strange as it may sound, team building is one of those vague and misused terms which managers occasionally call into play as a solution for sluggish work unit performance. Just so you know, the rise in popularity and use of team building parallels the growing perception of work as the output of teams of workers rather than compartmentalised tasks on an assembly line. Recent reports have clearly demonstrated the importance of effective team structures to the overall performance and effectiveness of the worker. Read More