Monthly Archive July 2015

Setting up a consultancy business

If you are looking to venture in to the world of constancy then there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to find out if you are ready

  • Are you an organised person? Being a good business consultant takes a lot of organisation. You need to be great at time management as well as keeping detailed records relating to your client’s business. You should also have an interest in statistical information as you will need to use this to analyse how effect your recommendations have been and initially to see how and where their business can improve.
  • Do you have a wide range of knowledge of that industry you are going to be consulting in? Many business consultants specialise in one or two industry’s such as being a business consultant for a car dealership. This allows them to really get to know that industry well and therefore advise their client better.
  • Do you enjoy meeting and speaking to new people – Not only will this be a big part of your job but you will most probably need to do some business networking to start to build up your client portfolio. This may involve one to one and public speaking.