Monthly Archive April 2015

Getting noticed as a business consultant

Business consultancy is on the rise and this growing market is providing more and more competition for the qualified consultants out there looking for work. So how can you compete as a business consultant?

First it’s about making sure that you are easy to find, if you have a business website then the first step would be to try and improve your search engine ranking in google, this is called SEO, search engine optimisation and can be done by a good web designer. It’s really worth spending a bit of money to get you as visible as possible on these sites as it will get you ahead of the competition.

Next it’s worth registering with a company that provides customers with a directory of business consultants to choose from. These websites can bring quite a bit of custom especially introducing customers to your website where if it’s good enough you can show how you stand out from the rest.

Ensure that you allow enough of your business budget for advertising and you should see great returns.