Monthly Archive May 2014

What is the difference between a business consultant and a business coach?

You may be wondering what type of help you need for your business and if it is a consultant or coach that you require. Below is an overview of what both has to offer and what they typically do within your business.

A business consultant will analysis your business and gives you advice on how you can improve it. They will brainstorm ideas with you and discuss marketing planes and other projects and tell you how they believe you should implement them. They are there to advise you on business matters.

A business coach will not generally advise you on changes required within the business but will spend their time coaching you, teaching you new skills and helping you with issues like time management, decision making and staff morale.  Then help the client to create success by focusing on personal development.

A good business Consultant should pay for itself

Any good business of financial consultant should make changes that more than cover for their costs quite quickly when coming in to a business. The role of these types of advisors is to review your current business and make suggestions on how to improve it functionality wise and financially.

A business advisor will look at all aspects of the business and may delve in to the financial side or work very closely with the financial advisor if someone else has that role. Once they have analysed you business they will make suggestions on all parts of the business that they feel can be improved. They should tell you why they think an improvement should be made and what benefits you will receive from making those changes.


If you decided to employ a business advisor, use one that has plenty of recommendations and that you trust as you may be sharing very private information with them.